What People Say

"Your expertise was impressive and your enthusiasm contagious- left everyone on a high. 

Many people have made changes in their life as a result of your words of wisdom"

Elizabeth Mc Pherson Director, Future Fund, (Australian Government Future Fund), Melbourne

"I was captivated, challenged, encouraged and inspired.  Really marvellous!"

Ian BritzaMP (Member of Parliament) Western Australia 

"Insightful and Empowering!"

Bronwyn Ashton Investor and Government Relations, Crown Limited Melbourne

“I hope that more companies employ you to train their staff! Impressive!”

Neil MacKayPyramis Global Advisors, Hong Kong

“I LOVED your talk!! You are an absolute inspiration and I admire your zest for life.”

Eva Gush JP Morgan

“Merci Beaucoup! Come back one of these days to London or Boston offices!” 

Christophe Orly
Wellington Management International Ltd, London

“Linda, I absolutely loved hearing your most inspirational talk! Please come back soon!!” 

Judy Lowy Moriah Foundation Sydney 

“Dr Linda was superb, excellent, wonderful!”

Julianne Crawley Siemens Ltd, Melbourne

 “Thank you Linda, you were amazing!”

Tina Moors University of Sydney, NSW

“Thank you Linda, It was so inspiring & great tools that I can use every day!” 

Sally Sikar Freehills, Sydney 

“Linda is fabulous, I loved hearing her speak & she relates so well to her audience.” 

Peri Sims ERM Power, QLD 

“I love what Linda stands for, her philosophy, passionate and a wonderful speaker! The entire day was fantastic!”

Meaghan Quinn Ergon Energy, Brisbane, QLD 

“I very much enjoyed your presentation - I’ve already put a couple of things in practice!”

Prashant Vithlani Kuwait Investments, London 

“Linda, The women loved you”

Elizabeth Irwin Calliden insurance, Melbourne

“Amazing talk Linda, a life awakening!”

Vivien, Bradley Chinese International School Hong Kong

“It was my privilege to hear you, an excellent address!”

Geoff Rothschild Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“Dr Linda Friedland’s presentation was the best this year!”

Steven Pan Chairman, Taipei YPO Chapter

“You were sensational! I was so inspired and energised” 

Belinda Lucas Calliden Conference- Perth

“Your presentation in Amsterdam was the outstanding conference highlight for me!”

Robert B. Bucher President & CEO, Pacific Blue Cross (Canada)

“I have no words to express my gratitude. You have left a very deep impression on me” 

Deepak Bengani Chairman Calcutta YPO event

“Like a breath of fresh air, fantastic open approach, warm, great event!” 

Mok Yuen Lok

Chairman, Hospice Malaysia

“9.9!! You were brilliant. Our ratings are normally high but have never been this high !!!”

Sally Herbert  YPO

“Linda -The corridors are still buzzing from your talk. A great success! & we’d love to have you back soon.”

John Ford MD Fidelity Asset Management Fund – Japan

“Linda you were a superstar last night!  Thanks for your insights, wisdom and genuine humanity.”

Caroline Levy New York, Asia Pacific markets Credit Agricole

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