Teenage brain explosion

10 August, 2015 Dr Linda Friedland Parenting/TeenagersDoors slamming, raised voices, sulking and monosyllabic responses may be just some of the features you have experienced during the transformation of your cherubic child into a gangly teenager. Far more difficult for teens than the notorious physical changes, is the enormous brain development they undergo at this time. They endure unbeknown to us or to them) changes as radical as when they were toddlers. Remember the excitement and praise lavished at each major developmental milestone – clapping your hands every time they said a word or took their first shaky steps? As our 14 or 15 year old reveals...
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Are you a TIGER MUM?

04 August, 2015 Dr. Linda Friedland Parenting/TeenagersI got thinking about my parenting style after presenting a talk last week to the parents at one of Hong Kong’s top private schools. This is the type of school that pumps out youngsters ready to take on Astrophysics at MIT or read Law at Harvard and Cambridge. A plea from most children to their parents is to “back off” and stop expecting and demanding so much. It therefore came as a surprise when my youngest child aged twelve; the 5th in the family told me off for NOT being a pushy parent. He described how one child in his class...
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