FFD Capital LLC

This company was cofounded by Dr Linda Friedland together with Dr Peter Kash. FFD Capital provides global connectivity, strategy, investor relations and consulting for innovative Medical and Healthcare technologies and therapies.

Who is FFD Capital LLC?

FFD Capital LLC is a Global healthcare consulting and advisory company headquartered in the U.S with offices in Australia and Israel. It was cofounded by Dr Linda Friedland( Australia) and Dr Peter Kash (USA)The group works across South & Central America, Europe, UK & Middle East, Africa, Australia and the Asia Pacific. The focus is on innovative medical and healthcare therapies and technologies with a strong focus on anti-cancer technologies, antimicrobials and OTC products.

FFD or “Freedom From Disease” takes its name from one of the books authored by the founders of the company. The vision of the company is on contributing meaningfully to alleviating illness and suffering and maximizing wellbeing through bringing the very best of innovative healthcare and pharmaceuticals to market.

  • FFD provides strong Investor Relations highly accessible communication with reliable and trusted sources & data to help to inform Investment decisions.
  • FFD provides connectivity to both medical and non-health care start up businesses.
  • FFD provides strategic direction for Biotech & Pharmaceutical companies globally.
  • FFD sources ideal partners for distribution of new healthcare technologies.
  • Dr Kash in US & Dr Friedland in Australia (Asia Pacific) work through a huge and extensive network of partners globally.
  • Dr Kash has founded several successful companies and has raised in excess of $1 billion dollars for biotech startups.
  • Dr Friedland’s 25 year experience in medicine and advisory provides much needed strategy and connectivity.

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