Dr Linda Friedland provides advisory, consulting and strategic direction to the following companies. She is co- founder and managing partner to FFD Capital NY, head of Business Development for Firebrick Pharma (Melbourne), Chief Medical Tech officer for the AntiInflammaging company in Dubai, senior consultant to Targimmune Therapeutics Basel, Strategic Advisor to Izun Pharma and non exec director to NCWA.

New York
Managing Partner

Melbourne Australia
Head of Business Development

Zurich & Dubai
Chief Medical Technology Officer

Basel Switzerland
Senior Consultant & Advisor

Israel & NYC
Healthcare Strategic Advisor

Western Australia
Non Executive Director

FFD Capital LLC is a Global healthcare consulting and advisory company headquartered in the U.S with offices in Australia and Israel. It was cofounded by Dr Linda Friedland( Australia) and Dr Peter Kash (USA)The group works across South & Central America, Europe, UK & Middle East, Africa, Australia and the Asia Pacific. The focus is on innovative medical and healthcare therapies and technologies with a strong focus on anti-cancer technologies, antimicrobials and OTC products.

Firebrick Pharma Pty Ltd has developed a broad-spectrum anti-viral nasal spray that is an effective treatment for prevention of  respiratory viral infections, such as the common cold. Firebrick Pharma is an Australian private company, founded in 2012 by two experienced pharmaceutical and biotech executives.

Drawing on their expertise in drug development and respiratory viral diseases, their vision was to create a treatment for the common cold using an entirely innovative approach. The product has completed clinical trials and has alsoshown to be effective (in laboratory -in vitro) against SARS Cov 2 and currently in Covid human trials.

Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a unique clinical-stage pharmaceutical company in the  field of Oncology Support out of Israel and the USA.Izun’s proprietary technology optimizes and enhances the anti-inflammatory and tissue-regeneration properties of natural, pharmacologically-active compounds.

TargImmune Therapeutics AG is a private Swiss-based biotechnology company focused on drug development using novel targeted onco-immunotherapies. The Company’s principal technology is the CTPIC technology platform that utilizes a non-viral vector to target and destroy cancer cells that over-express certain receptors while simultaneously eliciting an immune response against the cancer cells.

The Neurological Council of WA has for many years acted as a connecting body for the neurological community of Western Australia. It has a key role in connecting, partnering and collaborating with other neurological groups. The Centre functions as a central and recognised hub of community neurological collaboration and support. NCWA delivers quality and safe community care to meet the needs of all people with neurological conditions.

The Anti Inflammaging Company is a unique disease prevention and health promotion company with headquarters in Dubai and Switzerland.

It is powered by a digital platform and interfaces a superb Artificial Intelligence system with a global community of high level scientists, academics and medical experts. The technology is a  unique and effective digital offering to numerous businesses using a world first approach to reducing low grade chronic inflammation – the key cause of almost all  chronic illness.

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