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Perth’s healthy options abound, says Linda Friedland

Graham Erbacher In The MediaWellbeing expert Linda Friedland gives her tips on how to eat well and de-stress in the Western Australia capital.   EAT: Breakfast and coffee at Yelo on the beach in Trigg, overlooking the Indian Ocean, is the highlight of my week after a long walk or run and a refreshing dip. This unassuming spot offers delicious smoothies, the best bircher muesli, free-range egg wraps, vegetarian slices, Mediterranean frittata, thick organic fruit toast and melt-in-the-mouth muffins; STAY: The Richardson Hotel Spa offers fantastic five-star boutique accommodation. It is spacious, fresh and elegant, and within walking distance of the gorgeous expanse of Kings Park...
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Work to live or live to work: five tips for a healthier workplace

John-Paul Hogbin In The MediaHealthy, happy employees result in a highly productive company and a robust bottom line.  A healthy productive workplace is no longer viewed simply as a feel-good for organisations. The data is overwhelmingly clear that when management prioritises and encourages physical and mental wellbeing, it results in countless measures of superior organisational and personal performance. Several highly successful studies have revealed significant enhancement of productivity, creativity, employee satisfaction and financial results.  A recent Robert Walters survey found that Australian employees are feeling a lot less than well. With the current financial climate employees are anxious to maintain their jobs at all costs and...
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How to become a corporate athlete

Dr Linda Friedland In The MediaIf there is one quality that we seek for our organisations and ourselves, it is a sustained high performance in the face of ever-increasing stress and rapid change. Yet, personal exhaustion is at an all-time high. The constant expectations, demands and deadlines lead us to depletion and exhaustion. “Faster, bigger, more and more.” This ethos of market economies over the last 100 years is grounded in a totally misguided notion; the assumption that as humans we operate in a linear and sustainable fashion. The reality is that we are not designed to run like a computer or digital device; continuously...
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7 ways to avoid sitting down disease

Dr Linda Friedland In The MediaAre you slumped at your desk reading this? Workplace health expert Dr. Linda Friedland has some bad news for you… Sitting is the most underrated health threat of our times and has been unmasked as a major risk factor for early death and chronic disease. But wait," you protest, I may sit all day at work, but I exercise three times a week." The bad news is that exercise is not an antidote for sitting; it doesn't negate the risk. Our lives are one big sit-fest for work we sit in our cars or commute on the bus, we sit...
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Work vs life: Forget about balance & learn to live with what you have

Dr Linda Friedland In The MediaThe balance between work and life is a constant struggle for most Australians. Undoubtedly, those working in the mining industry are having a harder go than most. The latest Australian Work and Life Index report highlighted that those in mining have the greatest negative work-life interference. Although there are huge challenges and continuous debate about issues such as housing arrangements, work rosters, isolation and mental health, there is something powerful that you can do right now: Forget about balance! Instead, gain greater control and learn to pursue meaningful change in all parts of your life no matter what your job...
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Sitting Ducks

Dr Linda Friedland In The Media"All that advice about your health coming at you from every direction... it's enough to make you want to sit down for a bit. Thing is, that very action could be affecting your wellbeing, too."  Hannah Lawrence This article was first published on
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