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3 Ways to Balance Insulin Levels

18 April, 2017 Linda Friedland NutritionOriginally posted on Scientists have long dreamed of the day when they would discover that single agent within the human body that causes many of the illnesses that afflict and kill us. With such knowledge, we could transform the source of disease, restore the body’s biochemical balance and, thus, prevent heart disease, many cancers, diabetes, and obesity. We might even prevent serious degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as conditions that afflict children, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD). Such knowledge could one day form the basis for effective treatments for these conditions. The good...
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6 Best Strategies to Stay Awake and Refreshed at Work

11 April, 2017 Linda Friedland PerformanceOriginally posted on You want to be alert, fresh and awake at work. You’re hoping to feel energized and focused throughout the day. By 2:00PM, however, your energy sags. You have heaps of emails to get through, presentations to deliver and two more meetings to attend in the long hours ahead. You eat something quickly at your desk, drink another coffee and keep going, all while feeling more and more depleted. The demands, the deadlines and the extremely long hours leave you feeling exhausted. You wonder if sustaining an optimal performance is just an elusive dream. March on! Do...
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4 Healthy Life Hacks for 2017 that Really Work

02 February, 2017 Linda Friedland FitnessOriginally posted on It’s only a month into the new year and you might’ve already given up on your health plans. You promised yourself that this year would be different. You made some resolutions to adjust your lifestyle but things just didn’t go as planned. You’re already bored of the gym after just two sessions and you’re eating too much of the wrong food. You feel more fatigued as the initial enthusiasm and motivation to kick start your healthy lifestyle have faded rapidly. Getting healthy is one of the top three resolutions people make for the new year –...
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Can Indulgences be Healthy?

04 January, 2017 Linda Friedland NutritionOriginally posted on Somehow, we have the idea deeply engrained in our culture that pleasure is a bad thing – especially when it relates to our health. If it feels good, feel bad about it! Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher from the 300s B.C., spoke out openly on ‘the power of pleasure’. As you might have guessed, Epicurus and his followers were strongly criticized, especially by religious leaders, for degrading human nature. Today, it’s not only the religious authorities telling us to deny ourselves earthly pleasures, but also health experts. We find ourselves in the midst of the festive season, feeling...
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Super Festive Superfoods for the Holidays

27 December, 2016 Linda Friedland NutritionOriginally posted on Food is meant to be celebrated! Since ancient times, food has been a gift from the earth bursting with super-nutrients and delicious flavors. The traditional calendar indicated that celebrations, such as harvest festivals and seasonal merriments, were in-tune with spring equinoxes and summer solstices. People would feast on what the earth had given them – produce that was in season, local and fresh. The festive season right now is no different. It should be a time of fun and family, and with that comes delicious food. However, we have somehow equated ‘delicious’ with processed, high fat,...
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Top 5 Ways to Achieve a Healthy Workplace!

30 November, 2016 Linda Friedland PerformanceOriginally posted on A healthy, productive workplace is no longer viewed simply as a feel-good environment for just organizations. Healthy and happy employees result in a highly productive company and a robust bottom line. When management prioritizes and encourages physical and mental wellbeing, companies and their employees benefit from superior organizational and personal performances. Several highly successful studies showed that improved workplace wellness results in significant enhancements to productivity, creativity, employee satisfaction and overall performance. Unfortunately, a recent North American Workplace Survey on Workplace Trends revealed that employees aren’t feeling well enough to perform at their greatest potentials. Using the Staples...
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