Dr. Linda Friedland


A medical doctor with twenty five years clinical experience, Dr. Friedland’s career is now solely focused on corporate health, keynote speaking, healthcare consulting, advisory and director duties. Her past clinical experience includes nephrology, oncology, aged care, public health, family medicine & women’s health. She has developed and implemented numerous Public Health and Disease Prevention programs throughout the world.


International advisor to global healthcare, pharma, biotech, corporate and financial institutions. Dr Friedland is a (GAICD) graduate of the Australian Institute of company directors. Among her roles including not for profit directorships, Dr Friedland is co-founder and director of FFD Capital LLC (USA), heads business development for Firebrick Pharma in Australia, strategic advisor to Izun Pharma (Israel & US) and is the Chief Medical Technology Officer for the Anti-Inflammaging Company (UAE & Italy).


One of the highest rated international speakers for many global organisations, Linda has spoken in more than 35 countries in the past years reaching more than 300 000 attendees Based in Australia, she travels regularly to deliver keynotes throughout Asia, the USA, the UK, Europe & Africa. She is now a frequent presenter and lecturer on global digital platforms (due to limited Covid travel)


All seven of Linda’s books reached bestseller sales. Self, Having it all, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Health, Ultimate Guide to Family Health & Whatever, Mum published by Tafelberg Publishers. Raising Competent Teens …in an age of porn, drugs & tattoos published by Rockpool Publishers (Sydney) She co-authored Take Two Tablets (White River Press; US) &Freedom from Disease (Diversion Books; US) which reached number 1 on Amazon sales.

Leading The Way

With a professional career of more than 25 years in clinical medicine and over a decade of healthcare advisory and consulting, Dr Friedland is a leading authority on the business of health.

She is an international advisor to many of Fortune 500 and Forbes top global companies in the advocacy and business of health issues at an individual, community, corporate and board level. One of the highest rated international speakers for many global organisations, Linda has a long history of anchoring and participating in award winning television and radio. She is an authority on executive and corporate health, women’s wellbeing as well as stress management and performance. Linda is committed to  mentoring (particularly women) in healthcare and leadership and has a real passion for social impact globally. Married to Professor Peter Friedland, a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 4, Dr Friedland is based in Australia.

A Blueprint for an extraordinary life

As we view all the apparently ‘extraordinary people’ on social media doing ‘extraordinary’ things, most of us exhausted folks in the real world are actually experiencing big life disappointments, setbacks and rejections along this pathway. Is there a way to do it differently?

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Dr Linda Friedland has consulted to and addressed the following Australian & Global clients in the recent past:

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